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Apple & Raisin Cake with Somerset Cider Brandy

I owe this recipe to my friend and great cookery writer Lucas Hollweg. As no great pudding maker, I asked him in desperation to come up with a fail-safe recipe – this is it. With his blessing, I may have faffed around with the flavours but it never fails and always impresses! 
It’s what I will serving at the first of my Pop-Up Feasts –  do join me Continue reading

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Lemon Flavoured Butter – for Oysters

Now that oysters are back in season, I recommend this…enough for a generous 18. Failing oysters – and some people will only ever eat them raw – spread it over coley or a similar cheap white fish to lift the flavour. Continue reading

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Chicken with Beetroot & Feta

The first important thing about this recipe is the freshness of the beetroot. You want the leaves to still be green and pert rather than yellow and limp. The next when you are roasting – and this applies to anything – it helps to make sure the ingredients are more or less the same size so they will cook at the same rate…….

 I also thought you should know that although I have cooked it a few times, I have never measured/weighed the ingredients – so this is an approximation but it should work. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t but do let me kno Continue reading

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Make Your Own Canapé Bases

Bought-in canapé bases can be either not very nice or very expensive or both – so I make mine quickly, easily and cheaply. As they keep happily in an air-tight tin, I  make them up to about three weeks in advance. Continue reading

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